Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The ADN Fest 2016 OrgComm

The ADN Fest 2016 started as a dream whispered in the confines of a group chat room. Fortunately, those who heard shared the same vision and worked toward the same dream.

With 25 days to go before the actual event, we think it's about time for you to know the people behind all these.


The Finance Committee Head, SHINE (@sunshi_fairy), is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management of Financial Institutions and with an MBA degree from De La Salle University. She has been in the financial services industry in the last 16 years.


 JILL (@frosty_spice), a member of the Finance Committee, is a BS Accountancy graduate and is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner based in Dublin, Ireland. She has been working in the audit public practice for 8 years, where her experience in audit and reconciliations is crucial in Finance functions of this event. She also oversees the budget allocation of the funds gathered from ticket sales and donations, if any.


 The Registration Committee Head, ELAINE (@elainejhoie), is a Workforce Management Lead for Capacity Planning and Forecasting. Her expertise in the field enables her to share her talents in data mining and analysis for manpower planning, headcount surveys and spreadsheet reporting development and maintenance for easier registration process flow. She took up B.S. Economics at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.


 The Logistics Committee Head, CANDY (@candywrapper16), is a graduate of AB Management in Human Resources from DLSU – College of St. Benilde, and has experienced working as an executive assistant for 6 years. Her role involves liaising with supplier, sponsors, and guest relations. 


KAREN (@chandrakaren), is a Management graduate. She used to work at Paco Catholic School, RDP Office and Xavier School Auxillary Department. She is currently a housewife and looks after her two kids. As the head of Food Committee, her role in the event involves food management and planning, coordination with suppliers, vendors, and distribution.


The Program Committee Head, MJ (@yowsapsap), is a graduate of two health care degrees - Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has worked with two multinational pharmaceutical companies as part of the sales team – organizing round table discussions, medical conferences, and other social events. She works as an online content writer for the past 7 years and maintains the ADN Fest’s official blog site. She is in-charge of the overall flow of the program.


 GAB (@gabri27elle) carries over a decade of experience in quality assurance, with focus in transaction handling through different channels - phone call, email, web, chat, social, SMS, and many more. This has aided her role in properly communicating and constructing organized responses through the groups' social media platforms. She is a graduate of Lyceum of the Philippines University with a degree in BS in Foreign Service Major in Diplomacy.


TERE (@terespeaks) is the organizing committee’s resident creative head. She works in the IT industry as a Software QA Analyst. She graduated with a degree in AB Multimedia Arts from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. She is in-charge of all creative and design tasks, and all multi-media communications for the event.


PANDITA (@pandita0314) graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science, Minor in Philosophy. She is currently based in Orange, CA where she works as Office Manager and Executive Assistant to a multi-unit Franchisee of Restaurants composed of Subway, Jamba Juice, Wingstop, Denny's, Del Taco. She has experience in restaurant operations, quality control, contracts and leases negotiations, treasury/financial management, and acts as a liaison between the company president and everybody else. P is the organizing committee’s all around go-to person for anything and everything.


 MOMMY KIM (@kerimaadam) is the committee’s stronghold for support and morale booster. She graduated from UP Diliman and is a licensed Chemical Engineer. .....

Drop us a line over at Twitter and say hi. We'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

P.A.K.S. Ganire!

Prikwently Asked KwestionS

This post is dedicated to the numerous people we have encountered who asked us the same questions over and over again.

Don't get us wrong - we love it that they asked; it shows interest. And interest on ADN Fest 2016 is good. So we compiled frequently asked questions, answered them, and placed them on our nice little template for convenience and easy reading. It's on Twitter.

You call them FAQs, we call them PAKS. Here are the answers to the most Prikwently Asked Kwestions.

What is this event about? What is it for? 
 The “ADN Fest 2016: Fun, Flair, and Friendship” is a celebration that will bring together the ALDUB Nation as a whole, minus the affiliations.

Who are the organizers of this event?
This event is organized by Team Butchikiks - @yowsapsap, @sunshi_fairy, @elainejhoie, @gabri27elle, @terespeaks, @ChandraKaren, @frosty_spice, @pandita0314, @candywrapper16, @kerimaadam.

Does GMA Artist Center or TAPE know about this event? 
We have taken the necessary steps to inform both GMAAC and TAPE about ADN Fest. Are Maine and Alden going to be there? Maine and Alden are busy individuals so this we cannot guarantee. However, we will exert all efforts to have them in the event.

What kind of vibe should I expect?
ADN Fest 2016 is an informal event and will have a relaxed vibe to it. Think of picnics and school fairs, just brought indoors. Expect an afternoon of fun, friendship, music, and artistry – everything that this Nation represents. If you ask us to describe the whole event in one word, it would have to be this: CHILL.

What is the official HT of this event? To see what people are talking about on Twitter regarding the event, please check out the event's official hashtag: #ADNFest2016.

Is this for free?
No. Ticket price is P500, inclusive of entry to the event, food, and souvenir.

How is the registration process? Will it be online only?
You will be required to register online AND on-site. Those who took the time to answer the survey form will be given priority in registration and ticket purchase.

How can I buy tickets? Is there a limit to the number of tickets I may buy?
Ticket purchase would depend on your registration. We will only send payment information if you are registered for the event. One person for one registration form only. After you have sent in proof of payment, we will send you an e-ticket. Print the e-ticket and bring it on the day of the event.

Bakit 2,000 people lang?
From the original 1,000 participants, we have increased total headcount to accommodate 1,000 more. This brings our total number to 2,000. We have to impose limits because we do not want to put everyone’s safety and security at risk. The more people we have, the more difficult it is to implement strict crowd control measures.

Bakit ang aga ng payment deadline? Deadline for payment is set on September 6, 2016 because we will be required to make payment, either partial or in full, to all suppliers. Please take note that this event is basically fan-funded. We rely on donors and proceeds from ticket sales to pay for expenses. 

Why are ticket payments only accepted through the given bank account?
As much as possible, we want to properly account all payments made by the participants. The bank deposit will serve as your proof of payment as well as provide us the paper trail that we need to properly do our reconciliation and audit for the sake of transparency.

Is there a dress code?
We already said this: Come As You Are. Wear something comfortable. We trust you enough to make the right judgment as to what you will be wearing. A friendly reminder though, the wearing of official fan club shirts is not allowed. Color coding and the use of any clothing material that would identify FC affiliation are also strictly prohibited. Those who are found to violate these rules will not be granted entry to the event, or will be escorted out of the venue.

Will there be food?
Yes, light snacks will be served. Before you enter the venue, we advise that you eat something heavy that will last you for a couple of hours. Food kiosks will also be available at the venue itself. What is the age limit for this event? Children below 7 years old will not be allowed entry to the event for safety purposes. Those who are 7-10 years old will be allowed to join provided that they are accompanied by a parent/guardian. All children, regardless of age, will be charged with the full price of the ticket.

What will I get out of this event?
New friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

I’m a musician/artist/performer and I would like to be part of the program. How do I join? 
If you wish to perform during the event, please send a DM to the Program Committee head @yowsapsap. Yes, you will still be charged with the full price of the ticket.

Are One Sided Fans/Solid Groups/Fan Clubs welcome to the event?
Everyone is welcome to join the event. However, we will not allow the bringing in of tarps and signs, as well as the wearing of official fan club shirts. Color coding is also not allowed. This is to maintain neutrality for everyone. We aim to level the ground so that we all start on an equal playing field. Any group who will violate this will not be allowed to enter and/or will be escorted out of the event venue. Paid tickets will not be refunded.

Are non-ALDUB fans welcome to the event?
Unfortunately, No. This event is for the ALDUB Nation, by the ALDUB Nation.

Can anyone join even though they do not have twitter?
Yes. A Twitter account is not a requirement to be able to join the event. As long as you love BOTH Alden and Maine, you are welcome to join.

Can registered participants bring a plus 1 (spouse, sibling, parents, kids, driver, yaya, bodyguard, etc)?
Yes, provided that they, too, have registered online.

What if I registered/paid but won’t be able to make it? Is the registration transferable? 

Yes, registration is transferable. You will have to provide us with the name of the person you are transferring your slot to. Please ask him/her to bring an Identification Card.

I won’t be able to attend but I would like to contribute in any way. How? May I donate? If I do, may I at least get souvenirs from the event?
For donations, kindly send a message to the ADN Fest’s Finance Committee @frosty_spice or @pandita0314.

If I don’t make it to the event, will I get a refund?
Unfortunately, NO.

Are sponsors allowed or invited?
Yes, we welcome sponsors provided that they do not compete with ALDUB’s endorsements.

Can we extend the invitation to A&M’s respective managements, families, and celebrity supporters?
The organizers will spearhead the invitation. Will the event be covered by press/media? We haven’t gotten in touch with the press and the media as of the moment. Are pets allowed? Sorry but we won’t allow pets inside the venue.

We hope we covered everything. If not, tweet us. We're @adnfest on Twitter.