Saturday, August 20, 2016


It's finally happening, ALDUB Nation - that one event we've all been waiting for. 




One Nation

One Epic Event


ADN Fest 2016: Fun, Flair, and Friendship is happening.


10.16.16 is our Tamang Panahon.

So what do people say about #ADNFest2016?

We can feel the excitement.

We can feel the love.

56 days to go.


Monday, August 15, 2016


Alright, ALDUB Nation, we heard you.

15 hours after we posted the announcement, 1,070 people had expressed their willingness to join the event even if it falls on a Sunday, even without the guarantee of Maine and Alden’s presence. Awesome, you guys.

So here’s where we’re at:

  1. Due to the really overwhelming response, we will be closing the survey form at 5PM, August 15 or when it reaches 1,500 people, whichever comes first. Why? Because the more people we have, the more difficult security is. We’re doing this for you, and for our bibis, in case they make it.
  2. Our initial target was 1,000 attendees; barely 24 hours and we have exceeded that number. This only means one thing: we would have to look for a BIGGER venue. The Tent at Acacia Estates, Taguig City can only accommodate a maximum of one thousand people. We will keep you posted
  3. This is an effort initiated by the ALDUB Nation, for the ALDUB Nation. We have no huge companies to back us up. This project  is, in essence, ‘suntok sa buwan’. Difficult, yes, but not impossible. So this is where the spirit of Bayanihan would come in. If you can help us score sponsorships, or point us toward the direction of donors, please let us know.
  4. We welcome authors, artists, and musicians who wish to participate in the said event. Throw us a DM. Pordalab, okay? Okay.
  5. Please follow @adnfest on Twitter for updates.

We aim to make this event a neutral ground for everyone. As we said, everybody’s welcome. So even for just one day, let us forget our specific affiliations and come together as One Nation.


This event is organized by Team Butchikiks, the people behind 1,080 school kits worth P219,457 donated to Eat Bulaga’s Isang Lapis, Isang Papel Project, and we’re very proud to say that every cent of that was well accounted for.

We are full time working people and we are doing this out of love. We don’t want our names tarnished because of unnecessary insensitive comments that might be misunderstood. We’re not celebrities and we don’t aim to be.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


The past year has shown us that the ALDUB Nation is a formidable force to reckon with – the very people who rally behind Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards to produce 41 Million tweets, record-breaking movies, sold-out endorsements, fully-packed shows, reprinted magazines, and many more. Inside this Nation are official fan clubs (FC) and then there are unofficial ones – those who consider themselves as Team No Group.

There have been events organized by official Alden FCs and official Maine FCs. Sadly, the slots were limited to members of these official fan clubs only and those outside can only watch from a distance. This drove us to organize an event that is for the ALDUB Nation, for people who unequivocally support BOTH Alden and Maine without any form of bias.

The “ADN Fest 2016: Fun, Flair, and Friendship” is a celebration that will bring together the ALDUB Nation as a whole, minus the affiliations. In addition, because this is a fandom that is somewhat powered by fan fiction and fan arts, we will showcase the works of artists, authors, and musicians and take everything out of the virtual setting. The whole event will be a reflection of what this Nation has done “pordalab” as we like to call it.

Think of a school fair and a music festival rolled into one. Get the chance to meet the people behind the magnificent drawings, sketches, and digital art. Talk to your favorite Wattpad authors. Fangirl or fanboy to your heart’s content knowing that you are with like-minded people.

Let’s get together. Or eye-ball. Or whatever the heck you want to call it.


Magkita tayo.


If you're interested to be a part of this event, please fill up the survey form found here: