Tickets for ADNFest 2017

Please be advised that tickets to ADNFest 2017 have already been sold out.

To those who were able to secure a slot, your tickets have been sent to your registered emails last October 15. If you did not get an email, please send a message to

If you want to transfer your slot, please also send an message to the aforementioned email address. Requests through direct message in FB, twitter and this website will not be entertained. Deadline is on October 16.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

ALDUB Nation Fandom Songwriting Contest

Here are the finalists of the ADN Fandom Songwriting Contest. Vote by liking their respective YouTube Videos.

Voting period will run from September 16 - 30, 2017. 

Winner will be announced on October 5, 2017.

ENTRY #1: Kwentong ADN

ENTRY #2: Bayanihan Na

ENTRY #3: Hanggang Dulo

ENTRY #4: Patuloy

Booths at ADNFest 2017

The following booths will set up shop at the ADNFest 2017:

Order your ADNFest 2017 Official Merchandise through their pre-order link.

P.A.K.S. Ganire!

P.A.K.S. Ganire!
Prikwently Asked KwestionS

This post is dedicated to the numerous people we have encountered who asked us the same questions over and over again.

Don't get us wrong - we love it that they asked; it shows interest. And interest on ADN Fest 2016 is good. So we compiled frequently asked questions, answered them, and placed them on our nice little template for convenience and easy reading. It's on Twitter and our Facebook accounts.

You call them FAQs, we call them PAKS. Here are the answers to the most Prikwently Asked Kwestions.

What is this event about? What is it for?
The ADNFest 2017 is a celebration that will bring together the ALDUB Nation as a whole, minus the affiliations.

When and where will ADNFest 2017 be held?
It will be on October 22, 2017, Sunday, at SMX Mall of Asia. The event will start at 2PM and expected to end at 8PM.

Who are the members of the ADNFest OrgComm?
The twitter handles of the members are @sunshi_fairy, @elainejhoie, @gabri27elle, @terespeaks, …

ALDUB Nation Christmas ID

The ADN Christmas ID was released December 2016. Composed and performed by the Clingy Bunch, the song was distinctly written for ADN and represented what Christmas is meant for all of us fans.

The song is still available in iTunes and Google Play. One that you will truly include in your Christmas Playlist.

ADN Fandom Anthem Song Writing Contest

1. This contest is for all true-blooded ADN, who are amateur songwriters with no prior or existing record deal.
2. The song must be in accordance to the theme: What does ALDUB Nation represent? What is the true spirit of ADN?
3. The song must have a duration of at least 3 minutes but not more than 5 minutes.
4. The song may be in English or Tagalog, but must not contain inappropriate, vulgar, or offensive language.
5. We will accept one entry per artist (solo, duo, or groups up to 5). If we receive multiple entries, we will only consider the first submitted.
6. Entries should be new compositions and have never been released.
7. The submission period is July 20 to September 15, 2017.
8. The voting period is on September 16-30, 2017.
9. The winner will be announced via ADNFest's official Twitter and Facebook accounts on October 5, 2017.
10. The winner will receive Php 10,000 and will be officially launched on October 22, 2017 at the ADNFest in SMX.

Below are the criteria in…